Pennells Carpets is committed to training and developing the very best in local talent. In 2014, we began a full training scheme for new apprentices in carpet and flooring installation and sales.

Two of our recent success stories are Dean and Ryan. As they were completely new to the industry, with no previous experience or formal training, they started training with one of our highly skilled professional carpet and floor fitters on a part time basis whilst studying at Floorskills in Solihull. Since then, Dean and Ryan have both successfully passed their fitting courses and have each earnt a National Level NVQ.

Ryan and Dean continue their training for another 18 months before being assessed, tested and approved as fitters so that they can officially fulfil their earning potential and share their knowledge within the industry as fully qualified and experienced professionals.

We are extremely thrilled with the growth and development both Dean and Ryan have demonstrated throughout their training, and as such we will be welcoming another two individuals to take up the same comprehensive training course. We are proud to be contributing to the industry and enjoy welcoming fresh talent to the world of floor and carpet fitting.

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