Pennells Carpets is committed to training and developing the very best in local talent. In 2014, we began a full training scheme for new apprentices in carpet and flooring installation and sales.

One of our recent success stories is Dean. As he was completely new to the industry, with no previous experience or formal training, Dean started training with one of our highly skilled professional carpet and floor fitters on a part time basis whilst studying at Floorskills in Solihull. Since then, Dean has successfully passed his fitting courses and earnt a National Level NVQ.

Dean will continue his training for another 18 months before being assessed, tested and approved as a fitter so that he can officially fulfil his earning potential and share his knowledge within the industry as a fully qualified and experienced professional.

We are extremely thrilled with the growth and development Dean has demonstrated throughout his training, and as such we will be welcoming many more individuals to take up the same comprehensive training course. We are proud to be contributing to the industry and enjoy welcoming fresh talent to the world of floor and carpet fitting.

See what Matthew Pennells  and Dean think of the course:

Employer:   Matthew Pennells

Company:  Pennells Carpets 

Position:  Director

How do you feel the decision to take on an apprentice has assisted your business? Our intention, over time, is to raise the standard to which we work and hopefully, try and contribute positively to our industry which currently is perceived quite negatively by domestic and commercial clients. From day one our apprentice (along with the others ) has made an immediate contribution to our installation capacity. Anyone can carry the other end of carpet, move furniture and vaccum at the end of the job. As the weeks / months / years pass until he is ready to be let loose on his own his skill set will increase. I’m sure the FloorSkills course will enhance, and perhaps speed this process up in a positive way.   

What made you choose the BWFA wood apprenticeship at floorskills? We have had previous dealings with Matt & Sid Bourne.

Do you think your apprentice has benefitted from the apprenticeship course? Yes, without a doubt. He seems to be far more aware of the product knowledge required and because fully employed and on the training course feels the benefits of real job security, which I believe focus’s his mind, speeds the process up and adds professionalism.

Would you put any one else on the apprenticeship in the future? Yes.


Apprentice’s Profile:

Apprentice:  Dean Moore

Company: Pennells Carpets

How do you feel the course has helped your progress?  The course has helped me progress in many ways. For example, I now understand correct methods of installing certain products and why we use these materials.

 Have you enjoyed your time on the Course so far? The course has been brilliant, I now have a wider range of product knowledge and seeing how much I have progressed when putting my work into practice, is very satisfying.

 Would you recommend the apprenticeship to others? I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning what Floor Skills have to offer. It has helped me improve my work with Flooring specialist Limited enormously.


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